Organisation Curriculum Development Centre (1975 - 1982)

01 July 1975
22 January 1982


The Curriculum Development Centre was established on 1 July 1975 under the Curriculum Development Centre Act 1975. The Centre was responsible for carrying out the following functions: develop school curriculums and teaching materials, conduct research to support the development of curriculums, and to disseminate curriculums and teaching materials. The Centre was abolished on 22 January 1982 and its functions were transferred to the Curriculum Development Branch, Special Programs Division, Department of Education.


 1975 - 1982 Curriculum Development Centre
       1989 - 2010 Curriculum Corporation of Australia

Published resources


  • Skilbeck, Malcolm; Curriculum Development Centre, Core Curriculum for Australian Schools, Australian Government, Canberra, 1980. Details

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